Welcome. This is part of our story about how God is building our family through adoption and teaching us about HIS family. Going through this process is giving us more understanding about how He has adopted us. We are HIS children, still growing and maturing and developing in our relationship with Him.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Made It!

Hi All!
Wanted to put out a quick note to let you know we made it to Ethiopia safely and without any hitches.  We haven't caught up on sleep yet though and should be sleeping now.  We picked up Ephraim this morning and went on a day long excursion (hopefully more on that later).  Following that we picked up little Sisay.  We have them both and just finished eating some pizza.  Our embassy interview is early tomorrow morning so I'm going to sign off for now.  God is good.  More later!
Good Night!

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  1. Thanks for the update. We are counting down the hours until your interview and know it will be about midnight our time. Our prayers will be offered up alittle earlier and we will count on God's timing to deliver at just the right moment! Hug each other for us. We love you!


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