Welcome. This is part of our story about how God is building our family through adoption and teaching us about HIS family. Going through this process is giving us more understanding about how He has adopted us. We are HIS children, still growing and maturing and developing in our relationship with Him.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Thankful

Wish I had NEW news to tell. We still believe our God is a big God. From the begining, our prayer and desire has been to have the boys home before Christmas.  As December is just around the corner and our paperwork has not been submitted to the American Embassy in Ethiopia yet... we depend even more on our Very Big Father to bring them home to us.

We are very excited for our new friends the Hulshof's who attended / passed court the same day we did. The are traveling, even now as I type, back to Ethiopia to pick up their girls! How exciting. We are very thankful for their blessing, the giggles, embraces and excitement for their family as they are united with their 2 little girls once and for all. Watch out America... these two are a bundle of cuteness with a little spice on the side!

Again we are still so so thankful for what the Lord is accomplishing in our lives; for 2 more Snyder men in our household; for the love, the journey and relationships ahead; for a supportive adoption agency; for friends and family praying and rooting for us; for the financial support we have recieved so far and for the what is still to come; and so much more.
We are going to attempt to Skype with Ephraim and Sisay (Silas) tomorrow a.m. (We'll have to get up at 5-6 a.m. to make Ethiopia time.)

The latest photos of Ephraim. Love that smile!