Welcome. This is part of our story about how God is building our family through adoption and teaching us about HIS family. Going through this process is giving us more understanding about how He has adopted us. We are HIS children, still growing and maturing and developing in our relationship with Him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Check up

March 2010
What did we just do?
Have you ever agreed to something big, purchased something big, made a big decision and then realized BIG was not even close enough to describe the feeling? Kinda takes your breath away. :o)
BUT let me tell you what a sweet, faithful God we have! Just after sending in our application and getting started on the adoption process, Dan had a dental appointment. He rushed home from work, a quick change and back out the door. When he came home again, after the appointment, he shared. Dental check up was good, but God checked in even better. As Dan sat in the dental chair, the hygienist had a popular TV talk show on in the background. (not a show Dan would have volunteered to watch) Bet you can guess what the topic was about. That's right. ADOPTION....about how many children need families and someone to love and take care of them.
Dan sat as a captive in the dental chair and captivated by a reassuring God. It was a more than nice check up.