Welcome. This is part of our story about how God is building our family through adoption and teaching us about HIS family. Going through this process is giving us more understanding about how He has adopted us. We are HIS children, still growing and maturing and developing in our relationship with Him.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday & Monday

Sorry no photos yet... we are going to have to buy a USB drive over here because we are using the Guest House computer (which we are grateful).

We picked Ephraim up yesterday a.m. at the Transition home and gave a hug to Sisay (Silas),who was walking laps around his crib. Afterward Dan, Madeline, Epraim and I took a 2+ hour van ride through the country side to the Gorge with Zebene and Emanuel. It was a beautiful ride. The Gorge is Huge. Can't really describe it. No safety rails though...just walk right up to the edge...CAREFULLY :) ! The baboons had gone off for the the day so we didn't get to see them but it was okay... Still amazing view.

We also toured an Orthodox Christian Monastery with some beautiful stained glass windows and interesting paintings. They have a representation of the Ark of the Covenant behind the Holy of Holies, reserved only for the priest. Men to the right for worship and women behind a curtain at the left or stay to the back with the center squared off for singing and taking the Eucharist.

We picked up Sisay on the way home. His nanny had tears in her eyes as she handed him over to us. She took very good care of him and loved on him a lot.

We came back to the guest house, had dinner, baths and bed. Oh, there was an after wedding ceremony that took place in the dinning hall here when we arrived back. Neat to see the wedding party arrive. My understanding is that the grooms family gives the bride a new name and they cut the cake and have a mini celebration before they leave the bride and groom for the night. It was a big day. Sisay didn't think he wanted to go to bed but once asleep, he slept the whole night. Much better than Dan and I. Our room is very comfortable but at night the muslem prayers are being broadcasted from different mosques all around the city all night long. Certain tones seem to set off the dogs off and them there is an orchestra of barking.

We went to American Embassy this a.m. and all went well ! There was a little Tykes play area for waiting which Sisay and Ephraim really liked. Sisay gave his first protest as he had to leave the play house but was quickly distracted and ready to move on.  We are having some quiet /down time now as we wait for lunch. Plan to go shopping this afternoon.

Hopefully photos later!!!
p.s. Mom, you can send me an email on how things are going there and I can check it later. Hope you are all doing well. Lots and Lots of Love to each of you. xoxo Toby and Mae :)


  1. CONGRATS on your gotcha day! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Woke up thinking of and praying for you. Yes, sleeping in a land which broadcasts muslem prayers is an interesting thing indeed. I so remember the dog choir ... and then roosters (in the middle of the city!) echoing their refrain. Will most definitely pray for sound sleep for you all.

  2. So excited to hear from you and all your good news. We are all great, just wanting YOU ALL home. Hugs

  3. The weather back here in B/N is spring-like. It was 50 yesterday and supposed to be even warmer today - maybe high 50's.

    Great to hear things are going smoothly. Praying that you all have a safe and uneventful return to home.

  4. So glad to hear you have the boys and all is well! Mae is coming over today to school and hang out with the girls. Had a nice long talk with your mom yesterday. She and Mae and Toby sound like they are doing great! Can't wait to see those boys! Olivia is ready for you to be home with them now! Love you all.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! We are praying for our sovereign God to orchestrate every detail and bring your and your children safely home.

    In His Grace,
    The Toftes

  6. The first 24 hours is under your belt! Sounds like you are getting a good dose of culture there. Pray that you will be able to capture it for the boys. Praying fervently here as you become a family! Anxious to meet your new sons!
    Love, Amy

  7. We are so happy and excited for your whole family. I got to hug on Mae and visit with Grandma yesterday ( I gave extra hugs for you). Everyone is praying that the trip home goes smooth. We can't wait to have the ENTIRE Snyder family over! With love, through tears of joy, The Adams Family

  8. So excited for you guys!! Can't wait to meet your sweet boys and see you as a family of 7!!!


  9. Thanks for sharing your word pictures of all the "goings on"...what amazing days (and nights) for ya'll!!!

    Peace and Prayers,

    The Elliotts


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