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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doctor and Superman Ice Cream

Today, Ephraim and Silas had their first American check up at the doctor's office. We knew this could be a delicate matter...so tell him or not to tell him what was on the agenda today???

We chose to tell thinking this would build trust. It stirred up a lot of emotion to begin with and Ephraim right away wanted to know if there would be shots. SMART KID. Get down to the bottom line... and all we could say was maybe and we would be with him and he would be OK. He made the request for his older siblings to come with him for support.

Dr. appt. went very well. Very easy...no shots...just an order to get blood drawn at the hospital for routine test to be done. Hmm... Ephraim was pumped as he walked out of the Ped. office with no shots and thinking American Doctors are not so bad.  Then we got to the hospital and the Lab. BUT he did GREAT. Afterward he said it didn't really even hurt. He also got Lots of stickers and praise...and the promise of Ice Cream !  Poor little Silas was not so calm for the blood draw but we made it. He fell asleep shortly after. whew...

Here are the ICE CREAM photos. Madeline told me I should have seen his face when he saw all the flavors at Carl's. (I was holding him up to the counter so he could see.) Ephraim picked Superman ice cream.

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