Welcome. This is part of our story about how God is building our family through adoption and teaching us about HIS family. Going through this process is giving us more understanding about how He has adopted us. We are HIS children, still growing and maturing and developing in our relationship with Him.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birth Certificates

Moving along ! We received Birth Certificates this week for both boys in our names.... with Dan and I listed as their adoptive parents. Both boys were assigned a birth date, which does not mean it is there actual birth date but one someone decided to give them. 

Wow... I wish we knew their real birthday. There is just something special about the day the Lord said - TODAY is the DAY that I ordained for YOU to come into this world and be apart of My Kingdom... and the lives of others to be blessed and be a blessing. 

HOWEVER....I understand that this process is also a SPECIAL one of the Lord. He knew every event of my boys lives and made provision for them and us to come together at just the right time to say TODAY is the DAY...for a divine appointment that I have ordained, knowing it would reveal My heart for adoption, family, the orphan....to show that I Redeem and Restore that which was lost or stolen.  God Redeems and Restores for the orphan and we were all orphans until we knew Him as Father ...He redeems and restores the things that were lost or stolen. Relationships, Peace, Health, Authority.... most of all HOPE!!!

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  1. Yes!! Praise God! That's so awesome. One step closer to a miracle! That's so awesome to watch you walk down this road.

    I just kept thinking about the Children of God video by Third Day, and that last scene where they all are adopted. How beautiful, this salvation that we have, and the hope that He truly redeems His creation!

    Love you guys! - Todd


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